How old is Levi Ackerman?  We know the details about the captain of The Attack of the Giants

Hajime Isayama, in the serialization of The attack of the giantshas avoided giving the ages of the main characters of the story on several occasions as they are considered obsolete elements for narrative purposes. The fans don't seem to be able to help but want to know the age of the protagonists.

It was 2016 when Hajime Isayama participated in an interview at an event at Universal Studio Japan. Indeed, the interviewer could not avoid asking the sensei to clarify the situation Question inherent in the age of Levi after angrily replied to the same question some time earlier but the dating was incorrect.

Specifically, he stated that at the beginning of the manga he had drawn the ace of the Research Corps when he was thirty, but indicatively less than 35 years old. He didn't give an exact number, but made two quick reports at the time of the Giants' spin-off attack: the birth of Levi and then, after the last time jump, we can trace a dating that follows:

  • At the time of the prequel, Levi could be between 25 and 30 years old;
  • At the beginning of the story, at the time of Eren's first transformation into the attack giant, around the age of 30 and 35;
  • Currently or after the last 4-year time jump Levi is expected to be between 35 and 39 years old;;

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