In the manga's Arrancar saga bleaching The protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki attacks the Las Noches palace in order to save Orihime Inoue. After facing several enemies, he meets Ulquiorra and begins an unforgettable duel. but who is the opponent of Shinigami and how can he assert himself against him?

Every fan of the mangas Tite Kubo I will remember the epic battle that involved the protagonist of the series and Espada number four. Recently, a statuette was even made to represent the incredible battle shown in Bleach. What made it amazing was probably the anticipation that the meeting of the two powerful opponents evoked from the beginning of the saga.

Ulquiorra boatman appears for the first time in the company of another Arrancar named Yammy with the task of kidnapping Orihime, who was entrusted to them by Aizen Sosuke. Unlike the opponents Ichigo will have to face from now on, Ulquiorra is one Cool character hollow, apparently ambitious and nihilistic, declare for yourself that he has no heart. This personality will be in stark contrast to that of the girl he is holding captive, who puts all of her hopes and courage in her heart and that of her friends. The Espada While he rejects these ideals, he remains fascinated by them I wonder if the heart is just a tangible organ and what really gives the girl strength.

During the fateful duel Ichigo in his vasto lorde form had now even taken over the Segunda Etapa des Arrancar, which hit him with a powerful cero, but despite the devastating attack, Ulquiorra survived to dissolve the new form of Shinigami. After a brief dialogue with the protagonist, however, he will collapse without strength. What allowed the enemy to withstand the boy's attack?

Certainly the mighty ones Regenerative ability of Hollow influenced the final moments of the battle, but another hypothesis is that it was his Will to know is to understand the meaning of "heart" and dissolve the moment he finally manages to understand it.

What do you think of Ulquiorra and this unforgettable fight? In the event that you are interested in learning more about the characters in this work, I leave you with this in-depth analysis of Bleach's character Uryu Ishida.

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