The director's original anime feature episode Tatsuki, HentatsuIt aired earlier today in Japan and ended with a special preview of the director's next project. According to the video, it will be the first project to hit cinemas in Japan in 2023 with Aniplex responsible for production and creative group Irodori responsible for animation.

Tatsuki He was responsible for directing the first season of the anime Kemono friends in studies Yaoyorozuand later directed the original anime Kemurikusa in the same studio, which had twelve episodes and premiered in Japan in January 2019.

The TV anime version of the director's project Tatsuki and studying Irodori, HentatsuIt premiered in Japan in January 2020 and ran a total of twelve episodes. The director confirmed he was working on a new project after the last episode aired, but it wasn't until today that the main information on it was finally revealed.

Tatsuki he directed and performed β€œother tasks” on the television version, as he had done on the previous web shorts in the project. Yoshihisa Isa took care of the key animation "and other tasks" while Yuuko Shiromizu was responsible for art "and other tasks" (These employees make up the independent animation group of three Irodori people). Kaoru takasugi He pronounced the oni with demon ears, May Kadowaki to the Neko with cat ears and Aniplex took care of the sound effects.

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