Hayao Miyazaki designs a new sign for the Ghibli Museum restaurant

The Ghibli Museum, which had closed due to the COVID-19 emergency, recently reopened and was the site of an unexpected visit from the master Hayao Miyazaki. Let's see what happened.

The Ghibli Museum has been very active on his social pages by continuously posting updates that will help us learn how to make his facilities safe under anti-COVID rules, especially in honor of the restaurant's reopening, director and founder of the Studio Ghibli, Hayao Miyazaki he decided to visit the museum.

The surprising thing about the video we are reporting is the master's decision to draw a sketch for the new one Restaurant sign. The managers wanted to change the sign of the menu on the occasion of an update, so after a few words the director began to design a new sign for the place that would show an ice cream, a new menu suggestion.

Right now, Hayao Miyazaki appears to be working on the production of a new film for which there is no specific deadline. Over the past few years we have heard repeatedly of the Master's possible resignation from the animation scenes. In this article we explain why Hayao Miyazaki decided not to retire for the time being.

Have you ever visited the Ghibli Museum? Would you like to see a new restaurant sign inspired by Miyazaki's own sketch? Let us know with a comment.

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