The announcement of the arrival in digital form of all previously published chapters of Hajime no ippo deeply impressed the fan base of George Morikawa's over thirty year old work. However, as in the past, the author has raised concerns about the project and has received some support from readers.

Several times over the years as official digital reading platforms emerged and grew, such as Manga Plus and Azuki, Morikawa wondered what his digital work would look like, and if it were appropriate to read the story of the young Ippo Makunouchi on tablets and cell phones. Although the first chapters were actually published by Kodansha, a few days after it started, the mangaka published highlighted the post you can find below a big problem in the digital version.

"Considerations and concerns about the now imminent electronic release. For example, if you look at the first image that appears on your phone, the second table of the scene appears as before. It's a complete disaster. And I don't know how many other illustrations the same thing." so commented Morikawa Looking at the splash page in a meeting, where on the right you can see the almost completely white table with only a shadow below, while the fight is taking place on the left table.

Besides, by his own admission Kodansha would not have arranged for these particular pages to be displayed. Among the numerous comments, many fans expressed respect and approval of what the mangaka said, which in turn underscored the break in the rhythm and the scenes depicted. What do you think about it? Do you agree with Morikawa? Tell us yours in the comments.

Finally, we leave you the special cover for the 30 years of Hajime no Ippo with the homage of Nakaba Suzuki, author of Seven Deadly Sins.

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