The popular Haikyu!, manga made concrete thanks to the hard work of Haruichi Furudate, is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports-themed paper works of recent years, an epic that has also seen the arrival of an animated adaptation currently in its fourth season.

Just over the past few days, however, the staff at work on the production had to announce a work slowdown due to Coronavirus and quarantine which for months has kept billions of people locked in the house. Only recently the situation seems to be slowly returning to "normal", but in the meantime many projects have suffered significant delays. Among these figures, in fact, also the fourth season of Haikyu !, with the new episodes that have currently been postponed to July, although at the moment there are no precise dates.

The news, as easily imaginable, made the public speak a lot, who responded strongly to the announcement. If on the one hand the spectators found themselves in agreement with the decision taken, on the other hand many would have expected a shorter wait, with a resumption of programming for June. In short, you can breathe an air at least heavy on social media, although obviously there have been jokes and memes designed to raise your spirits a bit, as you can see from the many tweets that can be viewed by clicking on the source of this news.

Before saying goodbye, we remind you that 50 chapters of Haikyu! Have recently been made available for free.

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