Recognized as one of the most important plants in Japan, Gundam mobile suit More than forty years after its first release, it remains an integral part of the immense anime and manga industry with an impressive number of animated transpositions and impressive characters.

There Resonance that the first series hadIn April 1979, he introduced many people to souls for the first time and showed them a futuristic world with a structure that is very different from today's, thanks to which mankind was able to colonize areas around the orbit of the moon, call Side.

Exactly on one of these pages, more precisely on the 3, a special model of the weapon known as the Mobile Suit Gundam, the RX 78 2, which has now become the landmark of the first series, is being built. To celebrate this spectacular robot in the port city of Yokohama in Japan a few months ago, he started the realization of the RX 78 2 on a scale of 1: 1that grow to about 18 feet tall.

While some parts like the head and arms are still missing, the engineers behind the design have one complicated system that allows you to move the entire Gundamas you can see in the video associated with the news.

Keep in mind that Mobile Suit Gundam's original series is available on Amazon Prime Video and a recent poll was proposed for the best anime mecha of all time.

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