The story of Berserk revolves around two characters: Gatsu, the black warrior born of death and haunted by demons, e Handles, the white hawk who has no qualms about sacrificing everything to achieve his greatest goal. The epic battle between these two has very deep roots.

We've already seen how old Gatsu is and what about Grifis? Let's find out all the secrets in between Age, weight and height of the legendary berserk character. In the official series written and designed by Kentaro Miura, of course, this information has only been given in a very approximate way.

A collateral volume that Berserker Official Guide Compiled by Miura and published in 2016. Among the much information contained in this particular tankobon there were various details about the body of Grifis. If we refer to the arc of Fantasia or the part of the story that started in 2010 and is still in progress with its second part, we know that Grifis is 24 years old. So he's about the same age as his former fellow soldier.

in addition, Grifis is 178 centimeters tall and weighs 66 kilograms. Did you know this information about the berserk character? A fan filmed Grifis with a 3D creation after the torture.

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