Sunborn network announced that in collaboration with Warner Bros. Japan, produced an animated adaptation of the game for smartphones Girl front. The statement confirmed that the project will be an animated series that premieres this year and will be produced by the studios. Asahi production.

Mica team, a doujin video game development group from China, founded Sunborn Network and launched Girls' Frontile in China in May 2016. An English version was published in May 2018, followed by a Japanese version in August 2018 under the title of Doll front. The company is currently developing a sequel entitled Girls' front 2: exileas well as the video game Reverse Collapse: Codenamed Bakery, a remake of the video game developed by Mica Team, Code name: Bakery Girl.

Girls' Frontline Synopsis

The game's story takes place in the 2060s on an alternate timeline in Earth's near future. The aftermath of a military accident that led to a widespread pandemic, as well as the recent conclusion to a negligent nuclear war, have left the planet massively depopulated, rendering much of the surface uninhabitable, and reducing the nations that were once great to shadows of what they were .

Androids used for work and combat have become an important facet of life, and the easily reproducible and disposable androids known as "Tactical Dolls (T-Dolls)" are used by private military companies on the front lines of numerous corporations deployed wars. In the game, the player takes on the role of a new commander in the PMC who is responsible for commanding T-Dolls to fight a new artificial intelligence that threatens the peace.

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