Although Isshiki has now been defeated, the threat from the Otsutuski continues to bother the Leaf Village ninja. In Chapter 54 of Boruto: Naruto the next generationsIn fact, Momoshiki returned to the attack by taking possession of the body of the seventh Hokage's son.

With the awareness of Momoshiki awakened in Boruto, the Otsutsuki reveals everything to Naruto, Sasuke and Kawaki the truth about karma. The seal serves as a storage unit for the essence of an Otsusuki, which infects the host until it is ready to transform into a heavenly being. As the antagonist himself notes, this process does not stop until the karma is cleared.

In other words, both Boruto and Kawaki are slowing down Transformation into Otsutsuki and from what has been said, the two boys have now reached 80% of the transformation process. Will Boruto and Kawaki be unknowingly tied to the same sad fate and be able to block their transformation in time?

Fortunately, thanks to a ruse by the latter, the protagonist of the work manages to get rid of it for a momentSuppression of momoshiki and destroy the mysterious horn that appeared on his face. It's probably time to say goodbye to Naruto in Boruto 55. Here is the release date and the forecasts. Boruto Chapter 54 is online at Manga Plus.

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