It's time to say goodbye to Goku and Vegeta, who will no longer appear in the Dragon Ball Super Manga. In fact, the two Saiyan protagonists met Granolah and Gas on Cereal, only to find themselves at a clear disadvantage against Black Freezer. Goku and Vegeta train for this new goal. Then the ball goes to Goten and Trunks.

As time has passed, the two children have finally matured into teenagers and as such, as recently seen in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, are becoming a little more involved in the story. While waiting for Goku and Vegeta to get stronger, the Dragon Ball Super 88 Full Spoilers complete with pictures, they introduce the story of the two young half-Saiyajin. After the first pages have already been told, the two boys go home. The next day, Pilaf and his goons are also at Capsule Corporation, with the former trying to steal the Dragon Balls, but Bulma has them brought back so he doesn't make some stupid wish.

Meanwhile, Trunks goes to school, apparently in a different year than Goten, but in the same high school. Trunks is caught by the professor entering through the window and is then invited by his classmates to a dare at Butterfly Mountain. In the afternoon, Goten and Trunks spend their days playing together to the latter's house and also talked about her superhero career. Trunks convinces Goten to go out at night and the two meet a man with a scarred face. They follow him and reach the Mountain of Butterflies, where there are theoretically ghosts and monsters to be seen, but there are also the boys from Trunks' class.

To prevent them from harming each other, Trunks transforms into Great Saiyaman X1, but the transformation bracelet is broken and so he is seen in the Normal Version for a moment, but Goten just barely manages to see the nearby lights to break in time. The two young Saiyans rescue the boys and KO all the members of this strange gang only to find some Data from Doctor Gelo. After they leave, young Dr. Hedo presents a pathetic scene where all his men are down and the safe is open. How will this Dragon Ball Super saga continue?

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