The large Japanese company Kadokawa has announced a future and continuous expansion of its immense catalog of souls, which promises 40 projects per year from 2022. To feed its followers, it has announced the opening of a museum dedicated to four important Isekai works, including there will be Overlord by Kugane Maruyama.

The Isekai subgenre has grown exponentially in recent yearsJust think of the success of works like Sword Art Online, Vita da Slime, and Overlord himself, which, along with three other series, are highly valued by fans KonoSuba, Re: Zero - Starting a new life in another world and the saga of Tanja the Evil One, will be at the center of the first major museum dedicated to Isekai.

In fact, from July 17th to April 26th, the Kadokawa Culture Museum will host an exhibition entirely focused on the subject Storyboards, illustrations, drawings and unpublished material from the four series above, and there will likely also be a tribute to the chibi-style crossover anime, the Isekai Quartet, which brings all the protagonists together in a different universe. The official announcement also came through social media, as you can see in the post below.

Remember, the fourth season of Overlord has been confirmed and we're leaving you with a fantastic cosplay dedicated to Albedo.

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