The annual ComicsPRO event aired on Friday, February 19th, showcasing new projects planned for the current year. Among the personalities was Nancy Spears, vice president of sales and revenue Dc comicswho announced the release of 11 new series.

Speaking of a large project to realize the number variant coverage Indeed, Spears expected the arrival of the many volumes that will be dedicated to celebrate Wonder Woman's 80th anniversary, as well as new titles for Superman and Batman to the surprising Crush and Lobo and Nubia and the Amazons.

Spears confirmed several changes to the cover variant initiative that would allow smaller retailers to sell bespoke copies DC will be participating in Free Comic Book Day, which is being organized for May 1st, 2021. Below is the full list of the series announced:

  • Deathstroke Inc.
  • the continuation of the Harley Quinn Animated Series
  • celebrating different numbers 80 years of Wonder Woman
  • Elseworld
  • a paper with the working title DC Vampires
  • Robin and Batman
  • Joker: A puzzle box
  • The legend of Batman
  • Crush and Lobo
  • Nubia and the Amazons
  • DC Middle Ages

Recall that with the announcement of Batman '89 and Superman '78, DC Comics is back in the past, and we'll let you find out how Batman and Joker are connected in the afterlife too.

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