The role in formula 1 Alpha Tauri is somewhat subordinate to that of Red Bull, which lends its power unit and some of its technology to the Faenza-based team, but the team's ambitions have never faltered, although results have been slow to come in.

The new single-seater currently has two talented drivers, Yuki Tsunoda And DeVriesBut the two aces have yet to realize the potential of a car that certainly struggles to stand out from the competition. Rumors have been leaking in recent weeks about a potential buyer interested in buying Apha Tauri, rumors flatly denied by the team boss and a possible transfer of part of the team from Faenza to England.

Franz TostIn fact, he is absolutely not satisfied with the development of the single-seater, which falls short of expectations: "Several programs are running. The engineers tell me we're making good progress, but I don't trust them anymore. I just want to see the lap time because that's all that matters".

The pressure on the team boss' shoulders is therefore on the former Austrian driver, who now needs to place the car at least between sixth and seventh to please his Red Bull team-mates. And you, but what do you think of this situation? As usual, let us know by leaving a comment in the appropriate box below.

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