After six years of life, Fire Force's manga serialization ended with a final chapter full of extras. Fans of Atsushi Okubo's Shonen series will be delighted to see the anime return Fire Force Season 3.

The Fire Force Season 3 leaks have turned out to be true. On the site ofAnime adaptation of Fire Force, a promotional poster was released, finally formalizing the works for the third season. The production of the work is again confirmed David productionthe studio that has already animated the first two seasons of 2019 and 2020.

there action of the fire brigade takes place in the same world as Soul Eater, another work by the master Okubo, and develops in a Tokyo where people for no apparent reason catch fire through a phenomenon of self-immolation and are possessed by demons. These are fought and "rescued" by a special group of firefighters, the Fire Force. Shinra, a novice of the body, will discover a terrible secret lurks behind the fires.

The anime "Fire Force" currently has 48 episodes spread over two seasons. The third, which will cover one of the work's most exciting narrative arcs, is to be composed another 24 episodes.

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