With over a month on our shoulders, the charisma of Spy x family it is gaining more and more traction. The protagonists have gone viral on the internet, each in their own way. There is Yor with his dark side, which certainly exuded a special charm; For his part, Loid manages to bend backwards with every operation, at the mercy of the moment.

then there is Anya, the main face of Spy x Family. The pink-haired girl who can read other people's minds managed to enter Eden College to start Operation Stryx. This is how the games began for the protagonists, especially Loid, who will now have the task of teaching Anya everything she can in order to make her one of the most prominent students in the school.

The fact is that Anya is still a child and is very expressive, especially when she has to put on a very funny face. Throughout the series, Anya has actually drawn many different faces, from sad to arrogant, with a unique variety that has helped make her popular. Now cosplayer Kitaro has thought about creating one Cosplay with Anya's faces, both those in the anime and those that were only in the manga at the moment. What is your favorite?

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