Although the works of Hiro Mashima do not shine with originality, it is the same fairy tale and even less the youngest EDENS ZERO are no exception, the master has shown a professionalism with few equals. Because of this, the sensei has a reputation for being a tireless writer with a crazy passion for his work.

All of that dedication has actually allowed him to work on multiple projects at once, which is unthinkable for the vast majority of weekly manga writers who are forced to have very tight deadlines for serialization requests. Anyway, quietly Hiro Mashima is working on new projects including the recent announcement of Gate of Nightmare, a fantasy RPG game in collaboration with Square enixand other titles on which he has not yet officially commented.

In any case, on the occasion of the announcement of the above game, the Sensei tweeted a Twitter affirming his willingness to continue providing support with illustrations Gate of the Nightmare, fairy tale ed EDENS ZEROEventually, as if all of this in itself wasn’t enough, and it turned out that it will go on Working under the table on other projects that haven’t been announced yet.

So we just have to wait a couple of weeks or a couple of months to find out what else the Sensei has in store for his fans in the hopes that he will still have some time for a well-deserved break. What projects do you think you are working on, maybe a new Fairy Tail film? Let us know what you think about this with a comment below.

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