The author of fairy tale is constantly present on social media, especially on Twitter, where he usually updates his readers with new illustrations and the latest news about his works.

However, his latest message is teases fans about a certain ad that he has kept secret until this moment:

"There were four secret announcements that I told you about. There is only one to reveal."

According to Mashima, the fans immediately thought about identifying this hypothetical new project. Given the enormous workload that the author is facing, It is unlikely to be a new series. A more likely option is that of a spin-off plant, in which case its participation would be limited.

We also do not rule out an update regarding the cartoon series by Edens Zero;; We remind you that it was the author who announced the arrival of the implementation and advised fans to keep up to date with new information. A riskier hypothesis would instead be the announcement of the animated adaptation of the sequel to Fairy Tail, which is in high demand by fans. Unfortunately, there is no official statement to prove its existence.

Fairy Tail: Hiro Mashima celebrates Natsu Day with an exclusive illustration. Fairy Tail Collection: The manga returns in a new edition on June 24th.

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