EDENS ZERO is now a well-placed series that has received much acclaim from both readers and editors of Shonen Magazine. Mashima plunged headlong into this world, which blends fantasy and sci-fi in a formula reminiscent of some previous series, even in character design. but The author did not forget about Fairy Tail.

While it wasn't his first real work - that remains Rave: The Groove Adventure, which hasn't been forgotten even among fans of the genre - it is Fairy Tail the most famous manga produced so far. Millions of copies sold, tons of tankers and chapters produced, merchandising thriving, and a universe that lives on to this day thanks to the sequel, Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest.

A very fast draftsman, Mashima can also devote himself to his Twitter page, where he often posts unpublished scenarios and illustrations of his old and new protagonists. Straight in one of these images appears to Wendy Marvell, the sorceress who, according to a saga, will join the group of Fairy Tail. She is also a dragon slayer and looks like a little girl with blue hair and a small build. Here it is in this image flying over some type of cactus.

Staying on topic, here is an illustration of Erza and Geralt together that was always done by the mangaka.

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