There’s no point in circumventing it with ONE PIECE and Naruto, Bleach was a Shonen staple The 2000s story conceived by Tite Kubo may not entirely appeal to you, nor may the ending or progress of some sagas, but there is no denying that it made history and therefore has involved many people over the years.

Between anime, light novels and other side projects, many people have contributed to the Bleach universe in various forms. Exactly for this reason the manga deserves to celebrate the twentieth anniversary in a special way. Tite Kubo published a special chapter on Bleach in Weekly Shonen Jump. Ichigo and his companions are therefore back for a new challenge that seems to start a new saga.

Everyone who worked on Bleach is excited about this comeback. The subreddit dedicated to Kubo’s work has The most important tributes from insiders have been collected in one article. In the gallery below we can see voice actress Fumiko Orikasa, voice of Rukia Kuchiki, with the weekly Shonen Jump tape in her hands. In the other photos there are messages from other people like Ryotaro Okiayu (spokesman for Byakuya), Hiroki Yasumoto (voice of Sado Yasutora), Ryogo Narita (author of the light novel Can’t Fear Your Own World), SHIN of the Band VIVID ( who took care of opening 14 of the anime) and Shinichi Kurita, animator and main animator of Bleach and del Fourth bleach film.

And with the next Bleach saga, she seems to want to call hell. Will they all be working on the anime again?

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