Great news for all Isekai lovers because The Eminence in the Shadow, the acclaimed opera by Daisuke Aizawa and Anri Sakano, will soon be getting an anime adaptation. The first novel was published in 2018 and was an incredible success in Japan, where the first five volumes have been published to date.

Keep this in mind if you are unfamiliar with the job The Eminence in the Shade is a series of light novels that are currently being serializedThe first chapter was published on the Shosetsuka ni Naro website in May 2018. Kadokawa saw the potential of the project and decided to acquire the rights. He also gave the go-ahead for a manga adaptation of Comp Ace, a magazine serializing works of the Overlord, Bofuri and Higurashi: When They Cry caliber.

Yen Press, the publisher responsible for distribution in the United States, describes the plot as follows: "Cid Kagenoh never wanted to be the protagonist or the boss of a story, but rather the ingenious mind behind all events, the "great manipulator" ... or at least to make everyone believe that it is him! After being the victim of a fatal accident, Cid is reborn in a new world and is ready to realize his grand plan to live the adventure of his dreams. Thanks to his vivid imagination, Cid succeeds in recruiting the first members of his organization by inventing the story of a shadow sect that wants to destroy the world. Well, unfortunately for him, the story is far from wrong and everyone takes it seriously! Will he be able to lead his team to victory if he's the only one who doesn't know the truth?".

The Eminence in the Shadow is primarily a comedy work, even if there are more or less marked action items. No details of the customization have been announced at this time, but the April edition of Comp Ace is expected to have more information.

What do you think about it? Will you give it a chance Let us know in the comments! For more news on the anime front, we remind you that the new edition of Anime Japan is coming soon, which will feature many new series, including the next Netflix originals.

The Eminence in Shadow features on the cover of the upcoming Monthly Comp Ace issue 04/2021 to celebrate the anime adaptation. by r / anime

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