The success that the ONE PIECE series has achieved more than twenty years after its release has been incredible. Not only has it established itself as a manga and anime, but also has fans with numerous spin-off films such as A PIECE OF Z. who saw the supervision of Eiichiro Oda himself.

In a recent interview Tatsuya Nagamine, one of the producers of the twelfth feature film in the franchise, revealed some interesting details regarding the mangaka's direct involvement in the making of the film.

This information was reported by user @sandman_AP on Twitter in the posts that you can find at the bottom of the page. Nagamine, also director of the animated version of the land of Wa narrative arc, had originally thought of titling the film "Dream Crusher" or "Dream Smasher", but the last word was Oda who simply suggested piquing fans' curiosity with the name of the antagonist.

When Nagamine then presented the mangaka with a background of Zephyr, Oda asked him to find out more about the villain's past, also given his career as an admiral in the Navy, and to do the same with any character relevant to the plot.

Remember, ONE PIECE reached chapter 988 and that Franky has become a wonderful collector's statue.

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