The Great Onigashima War has entered a new phase. Every floor of the island off Wano is teeming with soldiers and samurai eager to kill each other in order to regain ultimate control of the land that once belonged to the Kozuki clan. IS ONE PIECE 1012 will make us continue this struggle that will change the world.

While Luffy takes on Kaido alone, Big Mom causes chaos on the lower floors in more ways than one. Kidd is looking for the empress, who instead crossed with Nami, Usopp and especially Tama. The little girl unleashed that Big Mom’s maternal moderesulting in an unexpected blow against Page One.

Ulti watched and it could be she who took the initiative for the first time in ONE PIECE 1012. The chapter coming out on MangaPlus on May 9th after Weekly Shonen Jump’s spring break will show us that After this situation with Big Mom. Now that the Empress is gentler and more controllable thanks to the instincts instigated by Tama, the situation could change, at least temporarily.

Despite the blow, it is possible that Page one was not permanently knocked out but that he was made weak enough to be confronted by Usopp and Nami, and the same could happen to his sister Ulti. In the meantime, Tama will be able to continue her plan of starting another fight, but rebalancing the affected factions and bringing more men to the side of the samurai.

In short, the The chaos and the different scenarios will dominate in ONE PIECE 1012.

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