Completed the saga of the battle with the villains, Deku is back as the protagonist of My Hero Academia with the last chapters. The boy showed his current lifestyle, very different from the past.

Jump from one building to another, go from one city to another, Deku watches over Japan as a vigilante in such a way that attacks by villains, especially the most dangerous, are blocked and limited. The weeks away from the Yuei have already been full of events: she has already arrested Muscular and helped rescue a girl with an animal quirk targeted by some civilians who feared her.

After Deku has received the support of the second and third owners of the One for All, his offensive potential is almost at its maximum. We don't yet know what the last two quirks available to the protagonist, and it's also possible that the revelation won't arrive anytime soon. My Hero Academia 311 could take us to the rogue base, mentioned in the last chapter. As Deku said, we still don't know how they organize and what their plans are, and this could be a good time to get them back on stage.

In addition, by bringing them back between the pages of the manga, we can get to know the future characters who will oppose Deku. There are many prisoners, and among them is Stain who could take revenge. My Hero Academia 311 will be released on MangaPlus on May 9th, after a week of mandatory vacation break from Weekly Shonen Jump.

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