Studio Ghibli does not need many presentations, as it is the guarantor company of some of the best films of the entire world animation scene. Recently, the studio announced the new film by Goro Miyazaki, son of the legendary director Hayao Miyazaki, entitled "Earwig and the Witch".

In recent years, it seems that the iconic company is slowly giving up on that sentimentalist halo linked to traditional animation, starting to experience the world of computer graphics with greater conviction. The feature film inspired by the novel by Diana Wayne Jonesin fact, it will be realized entirely in 3DCG technology. For those interested in learning more about the new film of the Japanese house of ideas, we refer you to the news dedicated to the latest news of Earwig and the Witch. However, the synopsis of the story follows:

"Not all orphans would like to live at the Saint Morwald orphanage, but Earwig does. He gets what he wants when he has been left to her door as a baby girl. But everything changes when Bella Yaga and Mandrake arrive at Saint Morwald, becoming pass for foster parents. Earg is intrigued by their mysterious home full of invisible rooms, potions, spell books and magic on every corner. Most children would be terrified of such a house ... but not Earwig. help of a talking cat, he decides to show who is the head of that house. "

In the past few hours, Comic Natalie has released the first images taken directly from the film that allow you to take a look at the technical and artistic sector of the production fielded by Studio Ghibli. Therefore, you can admire the images in question in the space below. Finally, we remind you that the film is expected to debut in the winter season.

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