The coronavirus pandemic has been disrupting our lives for almost two years and, despite the arrival of vaccines, the situation with the dangerous Delta variant is only getting worse. To escape Covid-19, Vegeta also decided to join the vaccination campaign in a fan-made video from Dragon Ball Z.

Vegeta may have achieved Super Saiyan Blue, trained by Beerus himself, battled the most dangerous tyrants in the universe, but apparently he's scared of a simple syringe. In the hilarious TikTok video a fan imagined, the Saiyajin prince actually exploded in anger after breaking got his dose of the vaccine.

As you can see in the clip below, the user stood in front of his television set, took a syringe and vaccinated Vegeta, who, however, could not take it very well. After the sting, the Saiyan did screamed in pain. As a witness of the scene, his son Future Trunks went in search of the alleged "doctor".

Do not be afraid like Vegeta and you don't react like Mirai Trunks, it's a little ass after all! That the Saiyan prince was vaccinated with a dose of AstraZeneca? Does Toriyama hate him? Here is the Dragon Ball writer's opinion on Vegeta. Here is a female Vegeta in this Dragon Ball Cosplay bodypaint.

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