Akira Toriyama has created some of the most iconic villains in the world of anime and manga. With his Dragon Ball, he completely rewrote the canons of shonen fighting, making Weekly Shonen Jump the most famous manga magazine in the world, but with a lot to thank for not only for its protagonist Gokubut also to the enemies that have been confronted over time.

Cell is one of the main characters from the android saga Dragon Ball Z. The character was first introduced as an organic-artificial being created by Red Ribbon scientist Dr. Cell was created with the aim of absorbing living beings and their powers to become the perfect warrior, starting from a genetic base that sees the blending of the DNA of the strongest warriors.

The Cell's design is one of the most iconic in Dragon Ball Z. The figure has an insect-like body structure with wings and a long, thin tail with a spike. His skin is green and has dark green spots, and it's precisely these that have not only brought Akira Toriyama and the animators at Toei Animation into crisis again and again, since this detail is not missing from all of Cell's transformations.

Akira Toriyama explains in an interview with Kanzenshuu that during the Cell creation phase his design seemed too boring and he added all these points. Just that it was the mangaka's biggest mistake: Having to draw the same points in a consistent way in all drawings was really hard. Animator Nakatsuru, who participated in the same interview, confirmed Toriyama's opinion, adding that in the anime Dragon Ball Z They had even more difficulties as they had to animate everything and also add shadows.

So if some fans love Cell, the same doesn't apply to those who had to work on him.

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