The series of dragon ball is full of breathtaking fights and unforgettable battles, and underneath that, the first real confrontation between Goku and Vegeta still ranks among the best of all Akira Toriyama's work. To remember and pay homage to her, Skytop Studio artists have created a magnificent collectible statue that will arrive in 2023.

Years before they achieved the transformation into a Super Saiyan, the two protagonists in Dragon Ball Super faced each other and showed off their best techniques. Wounded in the depths of his pride for the level of power attained by that lowest level Saiyan who was Kakarotto, Vegeta decided to create an artificial moon and transform into Oozaru. An action that gave him a clear advantage over Goku, who tried in every possible way to gather enough energy to defeat him.

First blinding him with a shot of the sun and then actually moving away, The protagonist has collected the energy of the Genkidama concentrate everything in the right hand and then prepare to hit the opponent. And it's the very scene where Goku raises his arms to the sky to receive the energy, while behind him stands the gigantic and menacing ape who Skytop Studio wanted to pay homage in the numbers you can see in the images below.

The statue is very detailed, from the rendering of Vegeta's scratched and destroyed battle armor to the careful construction of the environment and Goku's little finishing touches. The figure is said to be 40 centimeters tall second quarter of 2023 and can already be booked at a price of 320 euros. In conclusion, we remember that Toriyama did not expect that Vegeta would become so popular and we leave you with the summary of the Pilaf saga before the Dragon Ball series.

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