Dragon Ball is the best known work in terms of the medium and as such is obviously a money maker. Also in the last Financial report published by TOEI Animation Dragon Ball Super excels. Here are the profits the franchise has made over the last period.

Although the anime's final episode dates back to March 2018, almost five years of absence wasn't enough to cause the community to distance itself from Goku and his companions. Dragon Ball Super is TOEI Animation's most profitable franchise to date

Bringing the work to the top was thatTheatrical release of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. The anime film with bold decisions won over the fandom. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has actually grossed over $100 million and with the release of the related merchandise, the revenue was insane.

According to TOEI Animation's quarterly financial report, Dragon Ball is the top selling IP from Bandai. The series has over 100 billion yen in earnings, overtaking Mobile Suit Gundam for second place, and ONE PIECE and Kamen Rider for third and fourth place respectively.

For the The financial situation could even improve in 2023. AnimeJapan is waiting for the alleged announcement of Dragon Ball Super anime and with the continuation of the animated series, profits would increase dramatically.

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