The rivalry between Goku and Vegeta made history, and any Dragon Ball fan will surely remember that time The Saiyan prince gave Babidi his body to overcome his opponent. Majin Vegeta's that remains one of the most popular transformations of all time and one to date beautiful fan art tried to reinvent it.

You can see the image of below @ dtr16kyab, a Twitter user known for his drawings dedicated to Dragon Ball characters. In his work, the Saiyan prince fully embraces his dark side and is eventually unlocked a definitely less human and more demonic end form.

Today Vegeta has become a hero in every way, completely abandoning his evil disposition and even starting a family. The rivalry with Goku continues, of course, but the obsession with power and the will to become the strongest of all They were easily shelved after their daughter was born Bulla. Vegeta's shift is definitely one of the key narrative sub-arcs of Dragon Ball, and his transformation into Majin can be defined as the real turning point.

What do you think about it? Do you like the picture please let us know by leaving a comment in the box below! If you're a fan of the character, you can't miss the wonderful $ 1000 Dragon Ball model that was released a few weeks ago.

Majin Vegeta from @ dtr16kyab from r / dbz

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