This 2020 nightmare has no end; After the death of Sergio Matteucci, commentator on the animated series Capitan Tsubasa, we also say goodbye to Kirby Morrow, the American voice actor whom he voiced Goku in Dragon Ball Z..

At the age of forty-seven Kirby Morrow has passed away, American voice actor who played Goku in Dragon Ball Z and Miroku in Inuyasha, among others. His death was announced by his brother, who shared the sad news with all fans of the anime world on his Facebook profile. Fans mourn the loss of one of the most symbolic voices in Japanese animation. A year that, given the recent death of Orange Road writer Izumi Matsumoto (It's almost magical, Johnny), is vindicated as terrible.

In addition to Dragon Ball Z and Inuyasha, Morrow contributed to the US dub of the animated versions of Death Note, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, X-Men Evolutions and Transformers: Cybertron. Recently the voice actor had returned to work as Miroku in Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon. The causes of his death are still unknown, but we join the family's pain by offering our condolences. In his homage we relive Goku's first legendary transformation in Dragon Ball Z.

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