The third great saga of Dragon Ball Z featured the androids, the mysterious beings who destroyed Trunks' future. However, the half-Saiyan boy's predictions did not go as expected, as everything was shaped first by the appearance of the androids C16, C19 and C20, and then by theIntervention from another future called Cell.

It was the latter who established himself as the true villain of the saga, but his main antagonist wasn't Goku. No, the historical protagonist of Dragon Ball gave way to his son Gohan, who because of the infamous provocations of the perfect android Strength enough to turn him into a second level Super Saiyan. However, things did not go smoothly and Goku was forced to sacrifice himself to save the earth.

Cell then returned and took the fight with Gohan to new heights, culminating in an extraordinary kamehameha. This scene was shot by someone 2000 euro statuette in which the father-son Kamehameha of Cell's energy wave. facing. The statuette can also be divided into two parts, with Goku and Gohan - 45 centimeters high - costing 990 euros, while Cell - 63 centimeters high - costing 1,050 euros. The creation of KTCollectibles will be available from the third quarter of 2022.

The images below testify to the beauty of the creation, although not everyone can see it. There is also a 500-euro cell figure, a little cheaper, but not too much.

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