Once upon a time The Origins of the Myth was here Dragon Ball Z TV special became so cult that it also inspired Akira Toriyama to add it to her manga. The eternal protagonist of the world of the seven spheres finally gets his origin and we also know his father Bardock, a low Saiyan warrior who faced Freezer.

In this episode we witnessed his warrior career and epic ending. But we also knew other characters, such as the Saiyajins from Baddack. This small group of warriors that attacked the planet Kanassa consisted of five members, including Goku's father. Remember me Names of the Saiyans who flanked Baddack?

  • We have Toma, the tall Saiyan with a brush cut and a white bandana on his left arm. He died along with the others at the hands of Dodoria, although he was the last to die. Its name is probably derived from tomato, i.e. tomato.
  • Then there is Seripa, the only woman in the group and for a long time even the mother of Goku, until the introduction of gine in Dragon Ball Minus. She, too, will die on Planet Mith along with the rest of the team. The name may be derived from parsley, meaning parsley.
  • The third member is Toteppo, the largest member of Baddack's team. Tall, bald except for a few tufts of hair on the sides and with noticeable scars on the forehead, he has a very pale and greyish skin color. In the special episode he practically never speaks. Its name is derived from potato, which means potato.
  • The last of the four members of the group besides Bardock is Panbukin, the fat and mustached Saiyan. Always with a grin on his face, he too will have a bad end in the hands of the warriors of Dodoria. Its name is derived from pumpkin, which means pumpkin.

And then there is Baddack, who at least apparently was the leader of the group. Who knows if we'll see these characters again someday in some Dragon Ball Super flashbacks.

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