From Goku to Vegeta, then through Gohan Saiyan from Dragon Ball They have their own tail. But why is one missing from Goten und Trunks? Was it a forgetfulness of Toriyama or are there deeper reasons?

The Saiyans are a race of warriors feared throughout the galaxy for their strength. Their main characteristic is the ability to transform yourself into a giant monkey View of the full moon. In the first Dragon Ball Z saga we can admire the transformation of Goku, Gohan and Vegeta into Oozaru, but later that transformation was completely removed from the franchise. According to fandom, Akira Toriyama simply forgot that feature that would have robbed Goten and Trunks of their.

For Goku, who accidentally killed his grandfather Gohan in oozaru form, The tail is cut off for a total of three times. Despite his parents' best efforts, Gohan also transforms into a monkey after being brought into the wild by Piccolo. To prevent this from happening, the Namek was even forced to destroy the moon. only later did he grab his tail.

According to the Daizenshuu guide, a Saiyajin's tail grows back when in immediate danger. However, in the video game Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, it is explained that when the tail is cut, it has an 8% chance of being able to grow back. But if a Saiyan overcomes the power of the oozaru shape then the queue has no chance of reappearing.

Based on this information, which is still unclear whether or not it is canon, the Goten and Trunks may never have had a tail as they already were stronger than their ape form.

However, according to some fan theories, the two young Saiyajins would have been robbed of the tail when they were born. Therefore, Chi-Chi and Bulma, aware of the danger, decided to do it separate the tail at birth. Additionally, the Goths and Trunks were born from a cross between a Saiyan and a Terran, another possible reason they would not have inherited their breed's signature tail. Gohan and Piccolo train in this epic crossover between Dragon Ball and Charlie Brown. The Supreme Palace was recreated in a LEGO version by a Dragon Ball fan.

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