The series of Dragon ball today, after 36 years since its first publication, represents one of the most important works not only of the Shonen genre, but of the entire manga and anime industry. The importance of Goku's adventures has led many mangakas to dedicate drawings to the Saiyan, which are distinguished by their distinctive style.

Many modern writers owe much to the ideas contained in Dragon Ball, and on several occasions they have contributed to their passion and admiration for the work of Master Toriyama special images and crossovers. Just a year before Goku's arrival on the Weekly Shonen Jump pages, however, a certain Kenshiro had arrived who would have shaped the world of Japanese comics in the same way.

After many years, the dramatic adventure of Ken the Warrior has captured many readers, largely thanks to the Skill and talent of Tetsuo Hara, a draftsman who put Buronson's imaginary story on paper with an extremely refined style. Tetsuo Hara also wanted to celebrate the importance of Toriyama's work with the fantastic drawing that you can find in the post that will be posted at the bottom of the news.

It's about a great illustration by Goku Super Saiyan made to celebrate 30 years of Dragon Ball. Remember, a fan showed off their immense collection of Z Warrior characters, and we're leaving Akira Toriyama incredible career.

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