Dragon Ball brought us many items from his world. In fact, there are many reproductions of statuettes of characters, but also of iconic elements such as the dragon balls, the viewfinder radar designed by Bulma and many other things. Waiting for the faithful reproduction of the famous Capsule Corporation capsules, ie Senzu.

There are many fans who have imagined Dragon Ball Senzu in real life and many wish they had seen its miraculous properties. Unfortunately, for the time being, they remain a limited element of the universe created by Akira ToriyamaBut thanks to the Boston America team, we can at least now understand that there are balzar beans in Italy too.

Candy Funhouse made boxes priced at $ 3 (excluding shipping and taxes) that contain random candy Senzu-flavored jellies. It is not known exactly how they taste, but if you want to be sure you will get them, you can buy the box at 12 boxes for $ 60 from ToyWiz.

Just in time for Halloween, you can give yourself even more credibility Dragon Ball costume Bring these senzu jellies. In the meantime, these special shots have become almost unusable in Dragon Ball Super.

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