dragon ball it is not a very romantic work. Finally, Akira Toriyama's epic revolves around the adventures of Goku and the countless battles the protagonist had to endure to defend peace on planet Earth.

Goku and Chi-Chi's marriage, to be realistic, was mostly functional to give way to narrative purposes gohan to emerge with the arrival of Dragon Ball Z. Of course, there were some moments between the two characters as well as some oddities in the anime, but we only know some background about the couple.

Although the franchise doesn't shine with romance, he thought about emphasizing this small detail within the work Zero Studio through an original scale model, the same that you can fully appreciate at the bottom of the news. The figure in question with a height of 48 cm can already be pre-ordered at Total cost 480 euros, deducting 150 at the time of the purchase phase. The balance, on the other hand, will be deducted at the time of shipment, which is scheduled to take place during 2023.

Before we say goodbye, we just have to point out this little oddity about Gohan's design in the Majin Buu saga. And you instead, what do you think of this dedicated character? Wedding between Goku and Chi-Chi? Let us know with a comment below.

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