The mythology of Dragon ball today enjoys several hundred episodes that have told the entire story of Goku, from childhood to the present, which made him a grandfather. Nevertheless, TOEI Animation has hidden a small constant in each of the canonical series.

Akira Toriyama's world is full of tributes not only on TV but on paper as well. Just think of the original illustration Sensei created for Mickey and Minnie's 70th birthday. Even today, years after the end of the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, every now and then some oddities about the anime pop up that not everyone is familiar with.

For example, each of the first episodes of the 3 different canonical television series, the original, "Z" and "Super", are characterized by a constant, hilarious and quote-like event. So in episode 1 of Dragon Ball we see Goku falls from a cliff in front of Grandpa Gohan's eyes. The DBZ saga, on the other hand, begins with another fall, similar, but this time from Gohan, the protagonist's little son. Finally it was the turn of Dragon Ball Super, but also in episode 1 it comes full circle with the Goten's fall, Goku's youngest son, off a cliff as he plowed the field for his father.

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