Toei Animation can count on many important titles these days. Despite the hacker problem that prevented the studio from working on its projects for several weeks, forcing several postponements, the company is in a solid position and can boast very important earnings.

With the fiscal year ending in Japan last month, it's time to look at the data released by the company. Toei Animation can obviously boast of the contribution of Dragon Ball, which grossed a good 127 billion yen (around 950 million euros) in the company's coffers. Obviously, many other big brands are thinking about keeping shareholders happy: After Dragon Ball, Mobile Suit follows Gundam with 100 billion yen. The list of the Big Five is then completed by ONE PIECE, Kamen Rider and Naruto.

2022 will not be without news for Toei Animation: the numbers of Dragon Ball and ONE PIECE will undoubtedly increase thanks to the contribution of the two animated feature films in preparation Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero and ONE PIECE: RED. According to the company, the Goku and his companions franchise could top 66 billion yen in the first quarter, reaching a record 133 billion yen by the end of the fiscal year, according to forecasts.

Surely Toei draws so much satisfaction from Dragon Ball Super and the other titles he has in the stable.

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