The saga of Molo di Dragon Ball Super seems to have ended with the last chapter of the manga, in the course of which, however, the Z-warriors were brought into great trouble by the powerful enemy. We discover Yamcha's confession at a time when there seemed to be no chance of victory.

Although the Erdmann did not take part in the Tournament of Power, Goku's friend was able to help him and the other Z-warriors during the prisoner of the galactic patrol's narrative arc Fight against the evil wizard. However, when the powerful enemy merged with the planet Earth, the protagonist seemed to be in trouble too, and only the arrival of Vegeta succeeded in reversing the situation thanks to the Genkidama, created using some techniques learned on the planet Yardrat. Before the founding of the Saiyan prince, however, between us Despair began to spread As soon as he learns the adversary's will to blow himself up in order to eliminate the entire galaxy, and right in those moments Yamcha makes his confession.

While the heroes discuss how they could defeat the planet eater in its new form, the earth man appears resigned to the idea of ​​dying admit that they regret having to accept this fate while still a bachelor. In fact, we remember the sad treatment the former Z-series desert bandit received. In fact, he never managed to narrow the difference between his strength and that of the protagonists, as many other characters have, and unfortunately neither did he manage to find love after his previous crush, Bulmaleft him with Vegeta.

Yamcha was among the first characters met Goku Unfortunately, during his journey to the start of the original work, many Grounders could not keep up with the various demons and aliens that threaten the world of Dragon Ball as the strength increases as the series progresses. We hope that at least the boy can soon grant his wish.

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