The final chapters of the manga by Dragon Ball Super prepare readers for perhaps the most intense and exciting battle in the work of Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro. To prepare for this battle, which is still covered by a thick blanket of fog, Goku and Vegeta train hard.

Driven by the Desire to meet their rivalsIt is the Saiyan prince who has more motivation to get rid of Molo, one of the most powerful antagonists ever met. However, since he is aware that he cannot control the ultra-instinct as Goku can, at the suggestion of Beerus Vegeta he follows the opposite path, that of the gods of destruction.

Beforehand, Beerus had advised Vegeta to put aside his past, the Saiyan pride of which he is so proud. To the learn Hakai Indeed, it is necessary to get rid of all thoughts and focus solely on the destruction. But will the prince ever forget that he is part of his warrior race?

In Chapter 71 of Dragon Ball Super, we see Vegeta go through thisBeerus training. While the God of Destruction is dropping some small objects on him, the Saiyan must try to pulverize them with the Hakai. When Vegeta finally seems to have mastered this skill, Beerus throws a much larger object, a tree trunk, which is instantly destroyed.

However, it appears that Vegeta still has a few Difficulty juggling the Hakai. In fact, the prince still cannot measure his strength and, in addition to the trunk, destroys part of a nearby waterfall. Beerus recognizes his progress and gives him an earring symbolizing his new status as an apprentice.

Vegeta looks more and more like a god of destruction, but has he caught up with Goku yet? Their rivalry is not over yet and they could meet again in Dragon Ball Super.

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