After only four months of training, Freeza is back to threaten planet earth Dragon Ball Super. However, despite his new transformation, the Z Fighters have once again managed to stop his evil plans. His bitter defeat was revived in this collectible figure.

Made by KRC Studio, the statue shows Vegeta Super Saiyan Blue in front of the fearsome Golden Freezer, the is knocked out from a slap in the face just like what happened in one of the scenes in the anime. The collector's item has incredible details, such as the painful and surprised expression of the antagonist or the excitement caused by the blow, and is available in two variants: one in which the Saiyan prince wears his heavenly battle suit and the other, in which she wears the gray version. Despite his golden version, Freeza was once again banished to the underworld.

At the foot of the statue there is a stone-like base on which the Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro series logo is engraved. The 39 cm tall collector's statue can be pre-ordered a price of 460 euros. If you loved the film dedicated to the return of Freeza you will feel compelled to buy this fantastic piece. The Dragon Ball Super Anime is waiting for the new series and returns with this fan-made video. A translation error in Dragon Ball Super may have shed light on Vegeta.

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