Most iconic villain of them all Dragon ball, is also the one who hides most of the secrets decades after his debut. In fact, we know little or nothing about the Freezer Race. However, a new detail about his people has appeared on the pages of the Japanese magazine V-Jump.

Among the great protagonists of Dragon Ball Super there is certainly Freeza, again in action in the anime feature films The Resurrection of "F" and Broly. But not only that, even if he is not at the scene, the story seems to revolve around him. Although it never shows up in the Arch of Granolah, much of the narrative is based on it.

But as ubiquitous as he is, there is little reliable information about him, especially when it comes to his race of origin. Who are the so-called Cold demons, and where did they come from? In the new edition of V jump, a shocking secret has been revealed about such an evil population.

In the main continuity we only know two cold demons in Universe 7, Freeza and his father, King Cold. Coola, his brother, isn't actually a canon character. A third member of this race made his debut in Dragon Ball Super, but coming from Universe 6, frost.

Among these characters, it was made clear on V-Jump that King Cold was the only one capable of this create an empire to unite a large number of aliens under one flag. We have now got a new piece of the puzzle.

As skillful as the cold demons were in battle, if Freeza succeeded in becoming the despot feared in the entire universe, it was only thanks to his father who united several alien races under his command.

We are relying on the recent collaboration between Dragon Ball and FILA and on an official artwork for the Freeza Clan.

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