The debut of the new saga of Dragon Ball great led to a completely unexpected development. After talking at length about the origins and motivations behind creating a simpler saga centered on trunks and superheroes, Toyotaro revealed what his favorite moment of the Granolah arc was.

there Granolah Sagathat brought Goku and Vegeta to the planet Cereal, where they faced extremely powerful opponents, will surely carry significant weight in the future of the series, especially for the return of a historical antagonist of the series. Frieza is back in a new formwho have trained for a long time in a space of mind and time whose location is not yet known. Black Freeza managed to defeat the Heeter Gas in a few very quick moves, proving capable of getting both Goku and Vegeta in trouble.

Toyotaro openly admitted that his favorite moment of the saga was Black Freeza's appearance in the final installment. The author also discussed how The return of Freeza was foreshadowed by the many words uttered by various characters about the former Galactic Emperor. Freeza's presence is felt throughout the saga, we read in the words of the Heeters, and for this reason his stylish return determined the very conclusion of the story and laid the foundation for the future of the series.

Toyotaro also repeated, probably alluding to one of the next arcs, that "everything leads back to Frieza“. What do you think of these revelations? As usual, let us know by leaving a comment below. Finally we leave you the ranking of the 10 strongest characters in Dragon Ball Super.

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