The story of Goku, Vegeta and the others has now entered the heart of the action, as you can read in the last chapter of Dragon Ball Super: while we are waiting to find out how the exciting events of the story will continue, we point out this drawing by Toyotaro.

The occasion is the heading "Toyotaro Drew It !!", in which the famous artist tries his hand at redesigning the manga characters born from an idea of Akira Toriyama. For the 31st edition, the author of Dragon Ball Super he chose the little mermaid who made his appearance on a page of the work that first introduced us to Goku and the history of the Dragon Balls. Find the image at the bottom of the news, here is Toyotaro's comment: "My editor advised me to draw a mermaid, since they are now in fashion, but once I have reinterpreted it with my style it does not look very much like the original. Let's call it sketch, I'm sorry".

For those who do not remember the origin of the mermaid, it is a character who appeared in chapter 25 of the manga, brought by Goku in front of his master the Genius of the Turtle because of a misunderstanding. In recent days we have presented another drawing dedicated to the saga, this time a fan of the series has decided to reimagine the Dragon Ball Super villain, showing us a pier with a completely different design.

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