While the Japanese animation industry is busy with the announcements of Anime Japan 2023, the community is holding its breath and awaiting updates on the much-rumored one Return of the Dragon Ball Super Anime. According to new leaks, TOEI Animation will return as early as this 2023, but not with the second part of the television anime.

L'The latest release of Dragon Ball Super is March 25, 2018. Therefore, exactly five years have passed since this broadcast and until today there are still no official rumors about the return of the anime. However, rumor has it that TOEI Animation is already working on the series that will adapt the manga's Molo saga.

Anime Japan 2023 did not bring any news related to Dragon Ball Super, despite the active presence of TOEI with themed statues and advertising. Despite it, a leak has rekindled the hopes of the community.

According to reliable insider @DBSCronicles, Dragon Ball Super will return in 2023, but not with the second part of the television anime. For Dragon Ball Super Part 2 will have to wait until at least 2025, since TOEI would not be working on the project after these new entries. On the other hand, the web anime Dragon Ball Super will debut in 2023.

The Dragon Ball Super web anime, which is aired along the lines of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, is a canonical project that can count on the animations of the experts Shintani and Kubota. Production on this project began in 2022, so its debut is expected later this year.

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