In the last period there is only talk of Vegeta's new transformation, the result of tough training with Beerus that finally brings the Saiyan prince closer to the level of his eternal rival. But what becomes of the Super Saiyan at this point in the story? Dragonball Super?

As things stand, the Super Saiyan has become an obsolete power compared to Results from Goku and Vegeta thanks to training with a god of destruction or whis. For some time now, the manga has taken over the sphere of the divine, which leaves little room for a transformation that is iconic but no longer sufficient to face increasingly powerful rivals.

Of course, the Ultra Instinct could continue to improve with the Super Saiyan, even though he is the opposite of the other, but it would be a level that would last extremely short as Goku can already count on the transformation into SSJ God. Toyotaro tried the historical change with that new form of Vegeta with an apparent re-use of an old idea by Akira Toriyama. In any case, this power is no longer sufficient for the protagonists, who can count on their own arsenal of far superior and energy-saving skills and techniques.

Do you think the writers will find a way to revive the Super Saiyan? Let us know what you think about this with a comment below.

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