dragon ball is one of the most important shonen of all time and has billions of fans around the world, including illustrious personalities. In fact, there are numerous mangakas who took inspiration from Akira Toriyama's creature in their careers. Last in chronological order to pay homage to the franchise is the author of To-Love Ru.

Back to talking Kentaro Yabuki and Dragon Ball! After signing the latest artwork for the Dragon Ball Super Gallery Project, Shueisha's initiative, which will accompany fans on the 40th anniversary of Dragon Ball, theAuthor of To-Love Ru and Ayakashi Triangle, among others shares a new drawing dedicated to Sensei Toriyama's Z Warriors. By the way, we remind you that the anime Ayakashi Triangle has been on Crunchyroll for a few days.

The illustration created by the mangaka celebrates the anime film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, which sees Gohan, Piccolo and Pan as major protagonists. Master Yabuki has never hidden that he's a big fan of Gohan, a character he won a fusion competition with when creating Gohanks, and has therefore created an oddity Parallelism between little Pan and Kid Gohan.

In the graphic at the end of the article we can actually see the big one Resemblance that Gohan shared with Pan at about the same age. Pan's short hair is the same as his father's. What he doesn't share with little Gohan is the confident and peppery character. These were certainly inherited from mother Videl.

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