Recently, we've finally returned to talk about Dragon Ball Super 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the anime that brought the adventures of Goku and the Z Warriors back to the small screen. Even so, no official information appears to clear the fate of the franchise anytime soon.

Currently, the manga surpasses one of the best sagas presented so far, thanks to the presence of an extraordinarily evil and unscrupulous villain. Dedicated to the narrative sheet Galactic Patrol prisoner has a vaguely similar odor to Freeza sagabecause several events proceed in a similar way. Indeed, think of the most recent chapter 63 of DB Super, in which the same tune was repeated, albeit with the appropriate case changes that led to it Goku to reach the Super Saiyan level.

In any case, fans can't wait to admire the latest manga saga in a TV key until they can imagine the result in original illustrations. The last of these, edited by a specific one Leon Ellis Jr.suggests a probable advertising poster of the anime with the presence of the key characters of the narrative arc.

Before we say goodbye, we refer you to the latest Dragon Ball Super 2 news, which suggests a possible debut date for the anime's second season. And you, instead, what do you think of this illustration, do you like it? Let us know with a comment below.

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