dream transformations e Impossible fusions are the basis of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, the non-canon series that makes fans' dreams come true. Soon, however, it will be Toyotaro's major work that brings two of the most iconic transformations of recent memory closer together. What would happen if Goku and Gohan used Fusion?

Concluding the story of Goten and Trunks, Chapter 91 of the Dragon Ball Super manga begins the narrative arc adapting the final anime film of the saga. So under a handful of numbers Gohan Beast also becomes canon in the story written by Toyotaro. Did you know that the Gohan Beast from Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero actually had to be different?

In the inevitable clash with Black Freeza that appeared at the end of the Granolah saga, the Z Warriors must defend Earth from the space tyrant's attack. Hypothetically, the best fighters in the series will enter the field at this point. Gohan Beast and Orange Piccolo meet Goku Ultra Instinct and Vegeta Ultra Ego.

A fan speculated through spectacular works of art Scenario that already makes you scream before the miracle. And if Goku and his son Gohan had to resort to Fusion to defeat Black Freeza? In this case, Gokhan would make his debut, the ultimate warrior capable of associating the form of the Ultra Instinct with the form of the Beast. Below is the picture of Ultra Beast GΓΆkhan.

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